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can't unplug
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We give you the space, time and place to unplug. 

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Our philosophy

UNPLUG has a desire to create micro retreats for people to unplug from anywhere, providing time, space and tools to overcome the challenges we face in life.

You have the power of mastering self-healing. Self-healing involves behaving wisely, tuning into the true needs of your body, mind, spirit, and soul and making wise choices. We are convinced that each individual has the ability to find his or her own path, which is why UNPLUG provides professional coaches who will help you on your journey to find your own key to a more balanced life. The value of self-healing lies in its ability to be tailored to the unique experiences and requirements of the individual. We help accelerate the process with introspection techniques such as NLP, Systemic and individual Coaching.



Myriam Schiltz

Personal & Systemic Coach, Outdoor Guide & Reiki Practitioner

Luxembourgish, German, French & English

I believe in you and your superpower to achieve anything you want. 

On our journey, we all face difficult moments that we want to break through, but sometimes we don't know how. That's where I wish to support you. Doing the same repetitive movements puts us into a sort of trance that takes place in the now and helps us focus. Walking with you and observing your inner evolution inspires me.

Targeted questions and well-founded coaching tools will shift your perspective and unlock your blockages. I will guide you, but it is important that you find your own solutions. 

Reiki principles will help you accept the current situation and calm your mind. As we hike through the healing forest, it is easier for us to keep a clear head and stay in the now. 

With the wild mix of my knowledge as a coach, outdoor guide and Reiki practitioner I help you discover yourself in different and new ways.

I offer outdoor coaching sessions for 'Unplug Retreats' in small groups in Mellow Cabin and individual 'Unplug Experiences' right at your doorstep. During a 90 min hike I offer you support where you need it most and help you switch off and reconnect yourself from within with the help of Reiki techniques.

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Your experienced Individual, Systemic / Team / Relationship Coach and Sport Mental Coach


I have always taken pride in being multi-faceted, agile and adaptable. I see the power and potential in people and in teams and help them find their power to achieve their goals. I am a perspective shifter who helps individuals and teams perform at their highest level by breaking them out of their comfort zones and step toward their goals.

I have a wealth of experience as a professional basketball player, referee and sports coach and combining that with my business background working in Finance and HR, I am able to coach individuals and teams towards their goals. I am a certified Co-Active Coach and certified Organisation Relationship Systems Coach and a PCC Professional Certified Coach.

Partnership is key in any relationship whether you are teaching, coaching or consulting. So through relationship building, I partner with my clients on their journeys. I use tools and techniques to build a base to support them in their decision making, work with them in seeing different perspectives thus have choices and help them find their voice which created forward movement towards their goals.

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Your experienced Mentor, NLP and Career Coach.


Professional coaching and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) are powerful. They have allowed me to make major changes for the better in my life.

NLP may be new for you. Essentially, it shares the same purpose as coaching - to help you live more happily and fulfilled e.g. by helping you overcome phobias, bad habits and negative thinking.

As a NLP Master Practitioner and professional coach I get you to challenge your assumptions and develop different ways of thinking and taking action.

You will be able to set goals and reach them. You will grow in confidence. You will overcome issues that have weighed you down. Sessions are available one on one or as a group via Zoom.